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Choose High Performance Spray Foam Insulation For Your Next Project. 

Installing Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is versatile and very effective at insulating and sealing conditioned spaces. Traditional insulation methods generally fall short when comparing to the long term energy saving and comfort benefits with spray foam insulation. There are a number of different insulation types with comparable R-Values, but other less known properties and methods of spray foam insulation can be overlooked. Spray foam insulation in itself is an air barrier. Its expanding characteristics also seal hidden nooks and crannies. The ability to seal these often times "invisible" gaps and cracks significantly reduces the leakiness of your home as well as any other building utilizing spray foam insulation. R-Values alone should not be the determining factor when considering different insulation materials.   

Why Spray Foam?
  • Produces exceptional air sealing throughout a building.

  • Long lasting, non settling, dustless, and comfortable attics.

  • Your home's HVAC system is brought inside thus...

    • Increase longevity of HVAC equipment.

    • Conditioned air lost through duct leakage stays INSIDE your home.

  • Dust, allergens, and excess moisture are sealed out.

  • You WILL FEEL BETTER in your home, business, workshop.

  • Your energy savings will increase. 

New Construction

There are several options as for what kind of insulation to use in a new construction project. Each of these options have their own challanges and technicalities. Preparing a project correctly for the specific type of insulation will save builders a great deal of time, money, and trouble when the point to add insulation arrives. The sooner a specific type or types of insulation is chosen, the more time there is to prepare. That being said, Klar Insulation can assist in any stage of a project leading up to the application of sprayed foam insulation. Whether you've just begun drafting plans or nearing inspections, we can help. If your project is currently under construction, contact us to schedule a site visit. This will allow a hands on assessment of the structure and a one-on-one walkthrough of your project.    


You have decided to improve your existing building, and adding new insulation is on the list. There are multiple options to choose that range in price and performance levels. While you create your plan for the renovation include which type of insulation is to be used, and compare its capabilities to other options. Just because a building is aged does not mean it cannot provide a higher level of energy performance. Many older homes and buildings are susceptible to less than adequate energy performance due to their being built during times when less stringent energy codes were enforced. Materials, technology, information, and processes have also improved through the years. Using spray foam insulation along with sealed air gaps can increase your older home or building performance substantially. Klar Insulation can provide the services required to increase your home or building's efficiency, maintain your comfort, and better manage your wallet. 

Poly Seal, Air Penetration, Gaps, and Leaks

Spray foam insulation plays a large role in a building's level of efficiency, but there are other factors which affect this as well. One of these factors involves unsealed gaps and penetrations. Even the smallest gaps and cracks between studs, window and door frames, electrical outlets, and other areas can leak air, moisture, dirt, and allergens in and out of your home or building. Along with spray foam cavity insulation, it is important that these areas are sealed. Without sealing these areas, the leaking will continue and unnecessary energy will be used in order to replace and recondition the additional air.    

How can you use spray foam?

Between the benefits of open and closed cell spray foam, there are countless ways in which they can be used. Here is a list of more common projects for which SPF is used: 

Semi Trailers
New Homes
Shipping Containers
Work Shops
Hunting Camps
Rim Joists
Storage Spaces
Garden Sheds
Wine Rooms
And more!
Metal Buildings
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