Roofing Foam and Coatings- The SPF Roofing System

Leakey spots in flat and low pitch roofs have been a long time thorn in business and home owners' sides alike. How many times have you been up on that roof squeezing out caulk thinking today is the day you get it? Or, maybe you have areas where water is pooling? Leaks can lead to significant damage to your building and the assets you have stored inside. In some cases, the leak had been creating unknown damage for a long time before being discovered.  

Having spray foam installed on your rooftop will provide a number of benefits...


1. Add RVALUE.

2. Seal every nook and cranny, water leaks or not.

3. Direct water off and away from roof penetrations and low "sagging" areas.

4. Direct application. Many times there is no need to remove the existing roof materials.

5. Continuous membrane. There are no welds or mechanical fasteners prone for failure over time.


The process...


-How many layers have been stacked over each other throughout the years?

   -Excessive layering may need to be removed.

-Is there water penetration or permanent water damage?

    -Moisture and water damaged areas should be removed and repaired.

-Locate areas with ponding water.

-Can spray foam and/or coatings be applied directly to the substrate?

    -Substrates should allow adequate adhesion of SPF or coatings.



-Mask necessary areas from foam and coating overspray.

    -Internal/Scupper Drains, HVAC, Skylights, Adjoining Wall Drainage/Weeps...

-Spray foam insulation is installed throughout the roofline.

    -Along parapet walls and penetration seams.

    -Ponding areas are elevated with spray foam to allow water to properly drain.

-Acrylic or Silicone coating is applied directly over spray foam. 



Maintenance is straightforward and simple. Visually inspect the roof for wear and lightly pressure wash semi annually or annually.