Insulation Removal

Your current insulation, that nice fluffy looking stuff, has probably been in your attic for decades. How old is your house? Yep, that long. Through the years that insulation has been through a lot of abuse.

-How much dust has settled over those years?

-Ever heard little paws scurrying across your ceiling?

-Who's been up there and stomped it all down?

-How thick is it now? How thick was it before?!

**Things are not going good if you can see your 2X4's.

We've removed many different things from attics aside from old blown insulation. Many owners are rightly appalled at what we sometimes reveal. Here's a pleasant little list....


-Rat/Mouse/Squirrel Droppings

-Live Rats and Mice

-Nests and food caches

-Entire remains of dead rodents

-Snake Sheds (no live snakes as of yet).

-Urine stained insulation

-Brown Recluse Spiders




So, what do you do after you've removed the old insulation and the other stuff that comes with it? 

rat isolated on white background.jpg
Spray Foam It!!!
Removing Old Insulation.jpg
Removal 4.jpg
Removal 3.jpg