We do Spray Foam.

About Klar Insulation

     Klar Insulation is a locally owned San Antonio based service company installing spray foam insulation. We have a goal of working with local builders and owners who share the vision of developing homes and buildings that perform very well and for a long time. 


     We invite and take on a variety of spray foam projects. These range from custom homes and existing renovations, additions, workshops, garages, commercial buildings, barns, attics, pool houses, and storage containers. Some are small, and some are big. Each project is unique. Want to see what we've been up to? Visit our Facebook page to find out. 


     Energy Star, HERS, and BSAG are a few of the groups we continually work with whose guidelines we strive to achieve. With this, we support all new (and re-purposed) buildings being (re)designed and assembled for higher performance levels. Spray foam insulation has been a long time tried-and-true energy performer. And, it will continue to take on a significant role toward the growth, evolution, and demand for higher quality builds. We at Klar Insulation look forward to contributing to these projects, advancing building sciences, and installing spray foam insulation. Whether you're building new or making improvements, we hope to see you there.


Stay cool Texas,

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